Recuperacions del Segre, S.L.

Scrap metal and industrial recycling in the best conditions and prices

Recuperacions del Segre, S.L. is a young company that offers services specialized in treating the recycling of all types of waste.

⇒ Removal of ferrous and non-ferrous waste

⇒ Container service

⇒ Industrial demolitions

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Purchase - Sale of SCRAP and METALS

We recycle scrap and metal both for companies and individuals.

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Vehicles at the end of their useful life

If you have an old vehicle, we will process the cancellation at the DGT free of charge .

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SCRAP of warehouses, factories and metal structures

SCRAP of railways

We are experts in the demolition of warehouses, factories, metallic structures, boilers, silos, bridges, cranes, agricultural or industrial machinery ...


We buy catalysts in any state.

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Disused CABLES

Purchase and sale of cables, especially copper and aluminum.

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When they reach the end of their useful life, batteries according to order MAN / 304/2002 are assigned a code 160601, being considered dangerous due to their composition. We take care of storing them in warehouses enabled for this purpose.

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TIRES out of use

We organize the correct management of end-of-life tires.

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Paper and paperboard

We offer a collection and recovery service for any type of paper or cardboard.



They present a great disadvantage for the environment: for the most part they are not biodegradable. That is why we buy both valuable and useless plastics from them.


We offer a purchase service for the collection of pallets and wood.

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You can sell your glass waste, we will give you the best price.



We offer a cork purchase and sale service.


We provide comprehensive services to both companies and individuals to:

  • Purchase and sale of scrap metal and metals
  • Purchase and sale of cardboard and plastics
  • Scrapping of warehouses, factories and metal structures
  • Container service
  • Retired vehicles at the end of their useful life
  • Battery recycling
  • Torch or shear cutting
  • Scrapping of agricultural, construction or industrial machinery
  • Disused cables

Looking to “buy scrap” or “sell waste” Recuperacions del Segre is the company you need.

If you prefer the telephone service, you just have to call us at 699 958 518 or 605 284 192.

You can also contact us by filling out the electronic form and leaving your phone number and we will make sure to call you with more detailed information.

Our goal is to offer a quality service and full satisfaction of our suppliers and customers.

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We protect the environment

We respect nature, protect it and strive to minimize the impact on the environment

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We are professional and reliable

We build strong and long-term relationships with clients and suppliers based on mutual respect and trust

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Adequate waste management

Adequate collection, transport and processing in the management of all types of waste


We follow both national and European regulations, according to the LOPD laws (organic law 3/2018 on the protection of personal data) and environmental laws (RD 533/2020) as well as occupational safety.

Company activity: CNAE 4672

Other activities: CNAE 4677

Purchase and sale of vehicles

Import – export of vehicles

Sale of agricultural machinery

We are a company authorized by the Generalitat of Catalonia, with the Waste Negotiating codes N-10128

Y Waste carrier code: T-6893

NIMA: 250006272

Forming a benchmark in the waste recovery sector

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Recuperacions del segre, S.L.